Who cares about money?  Who wants more of it?  Who never wants to go broke?  Probably each of these three questions matter to you, and if you want to succeed playing poker, you best take care of your poker bankroll.  The most important piece of the puzzle when deciding to play poker for real money is learning how to properly take care of your poker bankroll.

How can you effectively take care of your bankroll while building it at the same time?  Tips as seen from Poker Bankroll HQ include:

-Only play with money that you can afford to lose.  You cannot win 100% of the time, so do not be in the mindset that you can.

-Have at least 10 buyins (on the aggressive side) or 30 full buyins (on the conservative side)

*1 Buyin generally equals 100X the big blind.  In $1/$2, 1 buyin is $200.00.  So to be play $1/$2 you generally want to have between $2,000 and $6,000.

-If playing online, find a good deposit bonus.  Almost every site will match your deposit up to a certain percentage.  Find the best deal for you.

-If playing online, sign up for a good rakeback promotion.  You can receive around 30% of your rake back from online poker rooms.

-Take advantage of freeroll tournaments.  Both live and online poker rooms will often have freeroll tournaments where you have zero risk but can win money or entry into bigger tournaments.  Play all of the freerolls that you can, what do you have to lose?

Poker training can oftentimes prep you for success at building your bankroll.  If you need tips or advice, visit a poker training website to help you along the way.  Also, forums are a great place to bounce ideas and challenges off of other poker brains.

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